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Worth Workshop


We're back for Round 3!


Thank you for the tremendous response and conscious dialogue regarding personal worth that we offered at workshops in February and March. We look forward to your participation in our event on April 27.

Close to 150 people have gathered via Zoom to engage in what we're simply calling The Worth Work. The passionate dialogue and follow up communication reminded us how valuable it is to keep examining our beliefs and habitual practices with loving ourselves. I originally wrote, "Your worth interfaces with everything. The outer world is a mirror of our inner world. Every 'thing' appearing out of the formless is a direct reflection of the innermost belief we carry about ourselves."


I believe if you read that a couple of times, you'll discover a basic spiritual familiarity to it. Everything we label as good is a reflection of the degree of good we feel about our self and everything we label as bad is a reflection of the degree of bad we feel about our self. Basic spiritual law 101. Yet, what struck me was a deeper clarity that seemed to say, "you can try to life-hack and how-to all you want but nothing will really elevate in your experience until you elevate your self-criticisms to greater self-acknowledgments, your body shaming to more body nurturing, and your unconscious inabilities of receiving to a welcoming of your vulnerable and tender accepting spirit."  


It doesn't mean our binding neuroses just up and leave, but it does mean we cling more lightly to them as our truth. We begin  shifting from shame and despair to a curious willingness to reopen a relationship to our wholeness. What then becomes clearer is that worth is not earned. You are worthy, now and always!


Our intention is to faithfully provide nourishing and safe environments where everyone can strengthen and champion their  personal value as well as genuinely behold the value of others. Let us help each other return to living life with self compassion, acceptance and unconditional love. 


David Ault and Jai Ram Lentine invite you to this two-hour online workshop where we will discuss and explore ways to champion and honor our inherent worth.  

Thank you in advance for evaluating your commitment to the act of registering and securing a slot by carefully reviewing your calendar. We realize it is impossible to anticipate some schedule changes but please let us know if your plans change so that we can let others on the waitlist know. Our email is



Being able to get clarity on something as simple as a 6 second occurrence of someone's comment to me in my childhood and its lasting effect was a huge revelation. What sponges we are and yet what constant grace awaits our willingness to set ourselves free. Thank you so much! - LR


What we've shared has impacted me deeply. I feel like I'm beginning to understand the journey into myself. - LW


So many gems of wisdom today from both of you. - NM

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