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Nandi Dass

Nandi Dass provides teachings, retreats, publications, and sacred ceremony, creating an experience of beholding and being beheld by the Divine. Our vision is revealing the living embodiment of expanded awareness in All.


About Nandi Dass

In Hindu tradition, Shiva represents supreme consciousness. Nandi, the bull, is Lord Shiva’s vehicle, forever available in meditative receptivity. As Nandi Dass, we are committed to creating vehicles of inspiration that reawaken us to the all-sustaining presence of supreme consciousness. 

You may call supreme consciousness Shiva, Love, Source, Ram, God, Spirit, Divine Intelligence - yet whatever name we use, it is the Universal I AM, the All. How remarkable it is to consciously journey together on a devoted path of self-awareness and purposeful reawakening to the singular reality of Shiva, of Love, of God. 


How healing and relieving to know that to abide in this Allness we need simply remember that each sentient being is forever worthy, valued, and loved. What is experienced as suffering and loss is the effect of our individual and collective forgetting of us as instruments of love. Our work, then, is not in learning but in unlearning and removing the many veils that hide our true nature. To be a vehicle to reawaken all to their magnificence, to serve all and ease our collective suffering is the path of the bodhisattva - the path of Nandi Dass.

Our commitment to you is cultivating sacred space where every longing heart can reconnect to love.

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