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DAY OF DIVINITY One Day Retreat: July 29, 2023


Join David Ault and Jai Ram Lentine, founders of Nandi Dass, at the Franciscan Retreat Center in Colorado Springs, CO this July!

You'll experience a nurturing environment featuring meditation, spiritual teachings, music, times in nature, and much more.


The Quiet On The Inside retreats are all about co-creating an intentional atmosphere to soften the heart and quiet the mind. This retreat will explore the healing topic of rediscovery.


How do we see with fresh eyes (i.e. rediscovery) such things as ego, home, family, friendship, love, work and death?


You'll be guided through powerful processes that offer a fresh and healing perspective around all the major factors of our human journey. 

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Live On Facebook!
Sundays at Noon

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